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Kunststoff Membran-Pumpen
Kunststoff Rotations Verdrängerpumpen

Kunststoffpumpe Pneumatisch aus  PVDF
Kunststoffmembranpumpe mit Flansch Pneumatisch angetrieben

Zero leakage
- Prevents loss of hazardous and/or expensive process fluids due to total product containment
100% Emission free
- Provides a safer, cleaner working environment
Sealless design
- Elimination of the rotating mechanical seal rids the user of potential problems with mechanical seals
Low maintenance
- Reliable pump operation reduces down time and keeps maintenance costs at a minimum


Refrigeration * Semi-Conductor * Chemical Processes * Biodiesel Production * Water Treatment * Pulp and Paper
Pharmaceutical * Toxic Fluids * Scrubber Applications * Galvanic Processes * Automotive * Vapor Degreasers

Kunststoff-Impellerpumpe Verdrängerpumpe
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